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    What is Change Management? – Back to the Basics

    Sep 23, 2020 | Posted by Michael Campbell

    With 20+ years of experience in helping clients to deliver successful change initiatives, we always want to ensure that we are continually helping others develop a change management capability across their organisation.

    The first step to encouraging your employees to embrace and adopt your changes is ensuring you fully understand the concept of change management. So, what is change management?

    Change management, as defined by Prosci, is a structured approach to prepare, equip, and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organisational success and change.

    While we understand that every change, organisation and individual is unique, decades of research have shown that there are actions we can take to influence the impacted people through their individual transitions. With change management, you can guide and support the individuals in your organisation to move from their own current states to their future states.

    Through research, three levels of change management have been identified:

    • Individual Change Management – this level enables people’s success by supporting them through their personal change journey. When you support the people through the change, the likeliness of project success increases, and your employees become more adaptive for future projects.

    • Organisational Change Management – While change happens at the individual level, change management on a project level increases the outcomes and the return on investment through driving adoption and usage.

    • Enterprise Change Management Capability - When you develop an enterprise change management capability, effective change management is now embedded into your organisation’s roles, structures, processes, projects, and leadership competencies.

    At any level, change management ultimately focuses on how to help employees embrace, adopt and utilise a change in their day-to-day work.

    Now that you understand the concept of change management, enhance your knowledge further in the Prosci® Introduction to Change Management eBook. In this download you will understand why change management is important, what change management means on every level, and the results and benefits of change management.

    When you adopt change management, your organisation is much more likely to achieve project goals and meet or anticipate deadlines without going over budget. But first, you must understand the fundamentals.

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