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    The Value of Virtual Training

    Mar 9, 2022 | Posted by Harri Pyke

    At CMC Partnership Global, we have been providing change management training for over 20 years. For the majority of that time we have focused on providing dynamic and interactive face-to-face classroom-based training.

    The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns launched us to undertake a huge change transformation in how we delivered our training: the switch to virtual training!

    It is not to be understated that this was a massive challenge. Naturally, there was a worry that such a fundamental change to the structure of the deliverance of our training could impact the end product that our trainees receive – training that has given us a name and a reputation of which we are proud.

    To our delight, we have found that virtual training has been a resounding success and one that will surely continue long after the pandemic becomes a distant memory.

    Fantastic training, Quentin and Samantha did a great job at facilitating such an  engaging programme, especially virtually!                                                            Jon from Veldhoen + Company, August 2021

    Outstanding.... highly practical, immediately applicable and very thought provoking. Fantastic delivery... 3 days in a virtual environment was made very engaging and thoroughly enjoyable. The resources are of the highest quality!       Eileen from Aggreko, November 2021

    What are the pros and cons of Virtual and Face-to-Face learning?

    Advantages of face-to-face

    • The opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and network.
    • The connection and collaboration between fellow learners.

    Disadvantages of face-to-face

    • Conversation can go off-topic, possibly leading to a rushed schedule
    • It’s possible the extrovert learners may dominate the classroom discussion.
    • The travel, time and expense incurred in getting to venues.

    Advantages of Virtual Training

    • Learning that is efficient, has good time-keeping and stays on topic.
    • Virtual training can be done from the comfort of your own home!
    • Introverts may be able to engage more successfully through the use of online tools such as quizzes and polls that permit anonymity. 
    • Employees of international organisations can receive training simultaneously. 
    • It is very convenient!

    Disadvantages of Virtual Training

    • People are bound by a reliance on a steady internet connection.
    • Some participants turn off their cameras during a reducing the non-verbal interactions of the class.

    So which one should you choose?

    Which one is best for you and your organisation? Well, the only person who can answer that is you!

    Have a look at some more of the fantastic feed-back we have received from our virtual training courses:

    The presenters made the training very engaging with the use of discussions and various virtual mediums (mural; quizzes; break-out rooms). It was the most engaging virtual training I have experienced.                                                          Nicci from Flash Group, August 2021

    Thank you for making the course totally excellent virtually, I can only imagine how much effort that has taken to adapt!                                                                 Michelle from TJX, September 2021   

    Stuart was ace! So very patient with us, his knowledge and ability to convey the points was so valuable and he managed the virtual room so well.                          Liz from Walden Pharma Group Services Ltd, February 2022

    If you feel that virtual training is not your cup of tea, you should try this one. The level of energy and interaction was very high. 
        Lucia from Takeda, February 2022

    As the fog of COVID recedes, it is clear that virtual training will remain a popular option compared with the classroom alternative for many people. 

    Here at CMC Partnership Global we are strongly committed to providing training that suits your needs, be that face-to-face or virtually, we are here to help you change for good, together.

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