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    The Value of Recertification

    Oct 28, 2021 | Posted by Harri Pyke

    While you may have certified as a Prosci Change Management Practitioner a while ago, do you find yourself wanting to dive back into the latest tools and take your current  project through a thorough and structured approach to change management?

    Like many, you may have moved into in a role where you need to reactivate your Change Management practice in relation to a current project, and you could be thinking whether change management recertification really necessary? Doesn’t experience alone qualify? The quandary is understandable.

    The bottom line is that there are some definite advantages to change management recertification. Especially considering you could receive a 50% discount. Read on to find out why now more than ever is the time to refresh your change management practice. 

    What's the value in recertifying? 
    Interest in change management continues to grow. Whereas change management may not have been integral to your role a few years ago, participants in Prosci's Best Practices in Change Management research reported that their organisations are increasingly understanding the value of change management and see it as necessary for project success.

    Recertification realigns your Change Management strategy with your project goals:

    Regain a structured approach
    Recertification puts you back in touch with a clear, formalised methodology and a process for your change management activities. It gives a structured way of thinking and deepens your understanding of the dynamics of change.

    Build skills and credentials
    Recertification realigns your professional credibility with your professional capabilities. Recertification also builds confidence in your ability to succeed at change management.

    More likely to achieve desired outcomes
    Participants felt that by recertifying, they were able to help their organisations reap the benefits of change management and it reoriented them in assisting their organisation to create a standardised approach to managing change that increased proficiency and the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes.

    Reacquire common and universal tools
    In July 2021 Prosci conducted the largest refresh of their tools in years. There are new enhanced tools, templates and techniques. You can now oversee all of your change management activities and have access to methodologies, common practices, language and frameworks that you can immediately apply to change projects—all delivered by change management experts.

    Recertification equips you with a one-year subscription to the new robust, user-friendly tools in the game-changing Prosci Hub Solution Suite.

    Download: Prosci Enhanced Methodology and Tools eBook

    Enhance Methodology eBook

    The Hub Solution Suite for change practitioners includes:

    Research Hub: The experience of thousands of change leaders at your fingertips.

    Knowledge Hub: Content and resources to help you bring the methodology to life and succeed at change.

    Proxima: Your tool for capturing data, tracking progress, collaborating with team members, and sharing data throughout a project.


    The incremental value of recertification is the opportunity to create a change management strategy presentation on a specific current project using the 2021 enhanced toolkit and methodology. This presentation can then be used to activate the change management strategy directly after the recertification.

    Are you interested in recertifying with a 50% discount and finally achieving your project goals?

    Find out more here

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