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    Did you know that CMC Global can bring Prosci Change Management Training to your office?

    Dec 10, 2019 | Posted by Helen Hutchins

    Is your organisation ready to embrace change? Bringing Prosci change management training to your office is an important step towards building and embedding change capability in your organisation, often fast tracking workplace implementation.

    Our team of Prosci Instructors who are also experienced Change leaders, are able to deliver private, certified courses and workshops worldwide and can offer flexible ongoing support, to ensure you and your teams gain the outcomes that you are looking for from investing in Change Management.

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    Why choose Prosci as a methodology?

    Prosci is a systematic and holistic change management methodology adopted by 80% of the Fortune 100 companies. It provides role-based training, allowing everyone in your organisation to become a successful driver of change:

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    Keeping your specific organisational change in mind, CMC delivers role-based training for executives, change practitioners, project managers, people managers and frontline employees, allowing your entire organisation to speak the same language for change, understand their unique roles and make change more effective.

    CMC’s in-house training solutions allow you to select any of the CMC Prosci suite of courses and workshops, to be delivered at a venue of your choice.  Our on-site courses save you money by training multiple employees at once, meaning that you can reduce the travel expenses associated with attending public courses. Our in-house training sessions are always contextualised to your organisations’ current change challenges - ensuring immediate relevance to your team.

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    If your organisation is currently developing its change management capability, join us in London this November for our Prosci Enterprise Change Management Bootcamp!

    The ECM Bootcamp is an interactive, fast paced programme on how to institutionalise change management practices, process, capabilities and competencies. Find out more!

    Don’t just listen to us! CMC has received consistently excellent feedback for the training that we provide and for the depth of experience offered by our CMC Prosci Instructor team who have a wide variety of cross-sector experience dealing with complex and challenging change at all levels.

    Take a look at the full list of Prosci Change Management training courses, along with our public course dates, or get in touch with the CMC Global team who can discuss your private change management training needs.

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