Project Management Foundation Level

Skills4Change® Workshop


If you have little or no previous experience of project management and have been asked to manage a project that will result in changes to ways of working, then the Project Management Foundation Level Skills4Change® Workshop from CMC Global can certainly help.

In the virtual  workshop you’ll receive a variety of tools, templates, case studies and execution plans, and gain hands-on, practical experience all under the guidance of a CMC Global instructor with years of experience in Project Management.


£495 + VAT




1 day


What's it all about?

In this Project Management Foundation Level Skills4Change Workshop, we’ll transfer to you our knowledge about project management key practices and introduce the standard project management concepts, terms and tools.

Throughout the day you’ll apply what you are learning to a real or fictitious project.

You’ll access the Project Management Toolkit which is then yours to take away and use! It includes tools, templates and videos which recap on key elements.


Interested in private training for your organisation?

Get in touch for a private Skills4Change® workshop. Enquire here for more information.

Who is it for?

  • Managers and individuals who have a departmental change initiative to deliver

  • Change Practitioners who want a better understanding of Project Management to apply to their change management work

    • Project team members who are new to this way of working

  • Anyone who wants a better understanding of Project Management principles and practices

What will you learn?

We’ll take you step-by-step through tools and tactics for planning, preparing and delivering a project. Specifically we’ll cover:​
  • An overview of key Project Management practice​

  • Introduce you to a case study​

  • Introduce you to easy to use Project Management tools and templates​

  • Guide you through the steps to prepare, plan and manage the delivery of a project

  • Show you how to close a project and transition to business-as-usual-operations​
In true CMC style, there will be a lot of interaction, timed break-out sessions, contextualising and the hands-on completion of ready-to-use templates for you to use and take away with you to put into practice in the real world.​

Is there any pre-work?

A little, to ensure you’re getting the most out of the course.

When you register, we’ll provide you with a template to complete for the real or fictitious project you’d like to focus on in the workshop.

We call it a Project on a Page. Fill in as much information as you like and bring it along.

That’s enough for us to get underway.


What will you be able to do afterwards?

You will be ahead of the game!

The work you’ll have completed on your Project-on-a-Page will give you more confidence to take things forward.

This new confidence together with the repeatable process, tools and template will enable you to become the person to go to when a small project needs to be delivered reliably.


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